Royals T-shirt Days!


It’s back again this year…  the World Series in Kansas City!!  To support our hometown boys in blue, again this year we are going to allow ROYALS T-SHIRTS in class on game days!  So this week, students can wear a Royals t-shirt instead of their uniform tops on Tuesday, 10/27, Wednesday, 10/28, and Saturday, 10/31!  Should the series continue into next week, Royals shirts will be allowed on Tuesday, 11/3 and Wednesday, 11/4 as well!

Remember, only Royals shirts will be allowed in lieu of uniform tops.  No other t-shirts are acceptable!  If your student doesn’t want to wear a Royals shirt, no problem, but they will need to wear full uniform instead.
If you have any questions, let us know!  If you are a Mets fan, sorry!
Thank you!