The Martial Arts can be the greatest investment in your child. It is a vehicle for self improvement and an opportunity to develop key success skills that will last a lifetime.

At Gautreaux's, life skills and character development are our main goal. Character development including self control, discipline, respect and focus. Life skills such as stranger-danger, anger management, and our bully buster programs. We are professional instructors and parents ourselves and design all programs with our own children in mind.

At Gautreaux's, our curriculum, class planning, and student expectations are organized by age and ability. We teach with a positive re-enforcement style that builds upon a child's positives. We make a great student first, then a great martial artist.

Fitness is a big part of Gautreaux's. We have special fitness programs throughout the year focusing on core strength training. Every class builds aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Most adult students give up their gym memberships after attending our classes.

Gautreaux's is recognized nationally for their Tiger Tots program and their Elite Competition Team. Gautreaux's is a national training center teaching Traditional and Sport Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts, and Special Needs programs.

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